The Upwork Formula

taught by Lewis Parrott
Lewis Parrott
Lewis Parrott

Course Curriculum

Module #1 - The Formula
Lesson 1: Welcome
Lesson 2: Mindset Shift
Lesson 3: The Formula
Module #2 - Niche
Lesson 1: Find Your Craft with Niche Selection
Lesson 2: Success Hacking with Niche Validation
Lesson 3: Eliminating Competition with Micro-Niching
Lesson 4: The Power of Positioning
Lesson 5: Rapid Skill Learning
Resource: Notes & Links
Resource: Niche Worksheet
Resource: Upwork Earnings Data (PDF)
Module #3 - Presentation
Lesson 1: The Influence of a Killer First Impression
Lesson 2: The Anatomy of a High-Converting Overview
Lesson 3: The Psychology of Premium Pricing
Lesson 4: Getting Invited to the Party
Resource: Notes & Links
Resource: My Upwork Overview (PDF)
Resource: Upwork Earnings Data (PDF)
Resource: Photofeeler Guide
Module #4 - Submission
Lesson 1: The Sniper Approach to Job Selection
Lesson 2: Billing Types and Bidding Like a Pro
Lesson 3: Pulling the Trigger with a Killer Cover Letter
Lesson 4: Hacking the Screening Questions
Resource: Notes & Links
Resource: Upwork Earnings Data (PDF)
Resource: The Sniper Approach Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Module #5 - Communication
Lesson 1: Convert with Communication
Lesson 2: The Art of Upwork Negotiation
Lesson 3: Relationship Building Masterclass
Bonus: The Dreaded Skype Call [Audio]